Reviews for "very long dog"

this is the best game!!

Fun simple little game. I have played a lot of games with this style of puzzle, but the dog/cat theming you did really made it worthwhile; everything is very cute!

One feature that would be nice to have is an incremental rewind. IE you can hit 'X' to rewind a single step as opposed to having to re-do the whole route when you're off by 1 or 2 length. But thats quite a bit more work than a full reset feature, still a fun game without it!

cccmccc responds:

Thanks so much for the feedback! the single-step reset sounds like it would have been preferred by a few people, and i think i agree XD i'll take your words to heart, thank you a bunch for playing!

good hard though

It would be great if you added a key to rewind a movement.
And a more rewarding sound when passing a level.
Good work is a good concept continues like this

cccmccc responds:

thanks a bunch for the feedback! i definitely agree, they could have helped the game feel a bit more user-friendly and polished 🤔 I'll take your suggestions to heart. Thank you for playing! :D

Great Concept