Reviews for "very long dog"

WASD and space bar didn't work for me but really cute game and fun

Nice game, really cute, the WASD movement didn't work but other than that really nice and good puzzles

Fun little leveler. First few levels I didn't realize there was a max stretch limit, I just went the way the game was guiding me to. Cute doggy synthesized barks, with that weird soothing background music, made for a great feel for the game premise.
Good, non-buggy game, that made me smile.

Art is good, idea was already seen in Silly Sausage 8 years ago, but you got me with the music. An end would be nice to see if you could think of something. Overall good game.
Edit: I mean Silly Sausage by Nitrome.

cccmccc responds:

I tried looking up silly sausage and the first result was a Bop-it game from 2016 🤔 Weird... Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the music too! ^^

Love it any game with dogs as the main focus or theme is 10/10 in my book at first i was a little peeved that you had to use all the moves to get to to next level but now i think it makes the game more challenging

cccmccc responds:

Thanks so much for your kind words XD I'm glad you endured through any annoying beginning and enjoyed the game nonetheless!!