Reviews for "Naya Archer 4 stages"


nice one!! =)


Not only is this sexy each time it gets less dressed, but the effects and details were magnificent. I liked the neon colors you used in the night. It makes a great glow and allows you to brighten the picture for a better view. There was a problem with the scarf though, it looks solid and plain. It would be sweet if you took off her gloves at the special part. But as i was looking at that, it made me think this: Why is the arm looking like it was bent on the left hand? It wasn't necessary to even make her hand on that pose, it would look sexier if her other hand was in the water. But enough with the criticizing, I just love this piece. It looks extraordinary with the details and beautiful with the girl on it. (your idea actually worked by stripping her more and more :P). It looks better like that, especially since she is taking a dip.


This is goddamn gorgeous. And even though her boobs are border-line unrealistically large looking for someone so small[looking. Idk if she's really small.] but she is beautiful. I love her outfit and the colors and EVERYTHING. So my style. I wish I looked just like this. Unfortunately it would be expensive to keep my hair that color..

Very cool.

Awesome character idea! The lighting is awesome!