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Reviews for "Dance baby!"

Sweet butt bumping, Bard!The movement is fluid, the jiggles in the booty and boobs is realistic and very appealing, The proportions are all right, and the shading's great.
Love ya bard.

Anything you make is glorious, I can only hope you make more of Shantae and maybe more of Skullgirls as well. I'd love to see more of Cerebella, like the one where she smooches and spreads her butt for us. You are too good for this world, we don't deserve you, Thank you for being so good.

SpicyBardo responds:

THanks a lot man T_T really, thank you!

your butts are my favorite.

SpicyBardo responds:

My love for them is showing.


this is kinda hypnotic, the amount of deatail is astounding

SpicyBardo responds:

Thank you!

That dance, expressions, details on the butts getting that shockwave when they hit each other with their butts. My goodness this is some hot work! Also the smoothness on this animation is spot on! The animation combined with their body proportions, details, expression, and you can feel the joy when they dance! I love this one cause they're both smiling and having fun in this! But I know this is getting erotic at some point. But that's why I also like it. Happy erotic stuff is something I personally enjoy a lot! Dance, baby, dance!