Reviews for "That time Tumblr invented a God"

The tumblr I remember was indedd everything you said however since the ban and everything else since the 17th has been the opposite of what you said.

gods are created by man after all, its fine to believe in a new one

This was great. I like how you seamlessly transitioned through ideas, leading the viewer to stay engaged.

Great! I really like your works man!

Well this was way more informative than I expected, and way more positive regarding Tumblr as a whole, too. Being confined to NG I only hear bad things about that place. I did join up but never really grew into the community (is there a real sense of community there?), and have since only heard the negative effects of this so-called libertarian social justice society. Geared at innocents. Brought up for the most trivial issues. Justice transformed to vengeance, towards anyone who stands outside the Tumblr clique.

So this was a refreshing new perspective, and interesting trip into modern Greek mythology, too. You live and learn. Wonder if that first poster ever realized his post could have such consequence...