Reviews for "That time Tumblr invented a God"

gods are created by man after all, its fine to believe in a new one

This was such a massive step up from your last few shorts...! Longer, finally some new animation resources, different backgrounds (even echo! That was a fantastic detail, btw), it's much meatier regarding context and reflection... Well done, dude. I even liked the whole fake mythology involved in this story, of which I wasn't even aware.

But well, as much as I liked it, there are a couple of things that could be better: for example, even though the repetition of certain frames is obvious, it wasn't bothersome, except for the one with the guy on the armchair turning sideways to continue his monologue. It's like a very specific movement, working as a sort of wrap up, so having it used repeatedly harmed its impact, as well done as it was.

Of course, I'd always recommend you to avoid the most obvious repetitions and adding variety. You worked a lot on that here, but it can always be better. Keep it up!

The tumblr I remember was indedd everything you said however since the ban and everything else since the 17th has been the opposite of what you said.