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Reviews for "BURD"

Checkpoints would be nice, especially if random lightning strikes are going to kill the player. The slow and repetitive gameplay ceases to be a charming and intriguing atmospheric aesthetic and rapidly devolves into tedious frustration, even more so if you're trying to complete the good path. Also, the end philosophical statement is a nihilistic contradiction. If indeed nothing matters then the end result is NOTHING MATTERS. Good, evil, love, hate, violence, and peace are all equivalent and nothing is better then anything else because nothing matters. This is why philosophers hold that nihilism is both self contradictory and self defeating. A true believer of nihilism, who holds that nothing matters naturally makes one wonder why said person has demonstrated preferential selection in choosing to believe nothing matters. If it is true that nothing matters, then why uphold and believe that truth? If you believe there's value in the truth, then you have betrayed your belief in nihilism, because it's impossible to both believe nothing matters and also believe there's value to the truth - that the truth matters or is somehow valuable. Easy fix to just change the two good path end screens to read:
1. [nothing matters]
2. [except for love]
I think the above would both preserve your original intent and highlight and sharpen the philosophical moral your game's trying to convey. With all that said if you polished this a little more and expanded upon the game's framework I could easily see this selling on Steam for $0.99 or more depending on how much more content you decide to add.

Really one-of-a-kind experience.

Also, are all of the different endings the same with slight alterations or are there any that are dramatically different? I'm pretty curious.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-

Really great and fun although i wish i could turn off TV affect, after a bit my eyes felt weird and after I beat the game they hurt a bit but my eyes are trash so what do i know.
One more thing, I wish there was bit more of a different between the two endings.
Other then those two thing it's fantastic and great. Keep doing what you're doing

amazing artstyle