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Reviews for "BURD"

Very interesting experience, however I encountered a bug early on where when I died, I spawned with two "player" characters, which caused a game over whenever one of them died, which sounds like an interesting concept for a game, but instead caused me to need to restart.

I'm sure that the reason for this glitch was being struck by two arrows at the same time, which caused two deaths and in turn spawned two players on respawn.

Other then that, it was an enjoyable experience, even without checkpoints, which is a small gripe I still hold.

Crashes every time I try to finish it...
Doing this in chrome btw

A very interesting "experience".

I am stuck on my first run. I decided to break all the eggs and bring back all the worms to the "god" bird on the left. I have 6 "flight" points and now I am facing a huge gap to the right after talking to the slim bird bird. Even with 6 jumps I am unable to get across the gap....not even close I do not even see a platform nearby. Guess I'm stuck for good.

Gonna try an alternative route, giving the small birds the worms.

I really liked the music, short but very atmospheric. Nice platforming action and interesting bleak world. Gonna give it 3 stars and will rate it higher once I figure out what the heck do I have to do to finish.

Some things to consider:

- Checkpoints: if you have them in the game why can't we start there when we die? Each time I start at the beginning of the level and have to walk to the left and port back to where I was.

- The lightning when you anger the God. I was in a cutscene with the slim bird when the lightning killed me. After the cutscene was over I had to start from the beginning...pretty bad.

- sometimes I encounter a glitch where even though I land on a platform I don't get back my flight points.

- after bringing the last (fourth?) worm to the little ones nest (the small birds were obliterated by the God already) it takes me to a cutscene and the game crashes "The error was:
RuntimeError: index out of bounds"

Does anyone know how to get the third set of worms?

I Won! I went and carried all the worms to the little ones and the last one to the big guy with out breaking any eggs. And i was greeted with a run time error! No... Great game but No...

AwkwardSilenceGames responds:

You're not the first person to mention this crash!

It sounds like you've completed the game to get other endings - did the crash not occur then?

There's only one or two differences between the good and bad endings, so I can't imagine what is causing the crash.

Good chance this is only happening on browser - for some reason.