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Reviews for "-Absent-"

I holy love this track. It's like the perfect bass-synth-vical mix :D

Hey, Waterflame! I am a huge fan of your music. This song was, in my opinion, an amazing song. The vocals sound like, "We're almost done, keep calm." The vocals also added the oomph the song needed to make it better. The song is not your best work, but that's alright. You have done amazing so far in your music. I would like to see even more amazing music like Clutterfunk. Clutterfunk was in my opinion your greatest masterpiece, however, i have not listened to all of your songs.
There is always room to improve. Keep up the good work!

Could have a little better drop, but still...everything else is lit af. Reminds me of Theory of Everything, both 1 and 2


Kick drum needs more volume, like the dusty/distortion effect on them but don't like the inherent lack of bass on them. That being said however, love the groove! Little bit more mastering needed but otherwise very good piece :)