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Reviews for "-Absent-"

i dont understand why people still rate less then 5 stars
because this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

I love the instruments and vox as usual!

You know, I'm not usually a fan of the vocals in your songs, as I find them to be a bit strange and unfitting with the tune. However, this one is quite perfect! The vocals you chose really fit with the song nicely and this sounds great. Many people will complain that this song doesn't go anywhere, or that it doesn't have too much of a "drop" if you will... I actually really like the fact that it doesn't. The nice driving bass line in the background combined with the vocals makes for a really chill and cool-sounding song. Nice job with this one, man!

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I dont like the typical drop-structure to be honest. Glad you liked it :)

I really like this song. It makes my think I'm in a game chasing someone.

Been awhile since I've been on and yet one thing remained the same, your still the best on here, yo. Glad I got to see just how much you've progressed.