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Reviews for "Scooby Doo meets Michael Myers"

The after credit scene shows michael myers having a midnight scooby snack, several of them. Right next to multiple m&m rappers and scooby's S labeled collar. Scoob's nowhere to be seen.

Twin-Tales responds:

Haha, great idea!

Always refreshing to see stop motion. Nice idea, I think it would have been funnier to see a reaction from Scooby as well.

Twin-Tales responds:

We had that planned but it felt too sad.

robot chicken

That Shaggy voice is spot on.

Not really my taste, but I have to admire the level of detail and fluidity in the animation.

You know, I kind of expected something related to Shaggy's meme, like suddenly shooting lightning from his eyes and taking out the knife as if nothing happened or something. That was a short lived meme that I found stupidly hilarious.

Anyways, you have a talent for this and it's a pleasure to have you here, even if I don't always share your gorey taste.

Twin-Tales responds:

Thank you!