Reviews for "Hexa Path"

Similar in some ways to other games like Hexcells, but with it's own challenges. Not bad.

Nice game and all.

Pretty decent. Good amount amount of variety. Needs an undo button, though; having to restart for every small mistake is aggravating. Otherwise the biggest issue I see is the difficulty being horribly erratic; the hardest level is less than halfway through the game, and the final level is easy to do on your first try. Wouldn't be so bad if you could do levels freely or at least skip some some, but you can't

what is going on with level 14, i can get most of the "enemies", but one always escapes me. calming game otherwise

Like how you have to complete a field. That is addicting.
The difficulty curve makes it very difficult for me. That's why I quit at lvl 4. I liked the new mechanics you used. One thing you could do is make some levels with 1 mechanic, this can be 2, 3 , I like 5. And then make each level with the mechanic more difficult such that it has this difficulty curve: https://featherhatgames.com/105-2/ (red is a new mechanic)