Reviews for "Hexa Path"

The first 10 levels are good, but then after there are a lot of levels, which seem to add little at that point, because the player isnt learning new things. Then when I got to level 25 and found alittle challenge in the posibilities and enemies combined, I failed and was like: "Im done."

Please allow the player to drag from pentagon to pentagon, so that I dont develop RSI. or from one hexa to another when there is no other option than straight 'forward'.

MrNannings responds:

Thanks! I made an update, now has the option to hold the mouse button and just keep point over tiles to move maybe this will be better!

nice and calming puzzle game loved the music and the simplicity of the games

your games are good, like you will be an NG legend in the future, but have one fault - too many levels. Please, trim the amount next time.

Great game!, Las level is pretty trick, I still can't figure it out thogh.

Pretty decent. Good amount amount of variety. Needs an undo button, though; having to restart for every small mistake is aggravating. Otherwise the biggest issue I see is the difficulty being horribly erratic; the hardest level is less than halfway through the game, and the final level is easy to do on your first try. Wouldn't be so bad if you could do levels freely or at least skip some some, but you can't