Reviews for "Hexa Path"

overall, it felt really tedious. Levels seem to require dozens of extra click that don't really add to the challenge, which gets boring on a trackpad.
Would vote higher if (1 or any of the following):
A. I could click once and drag to move
B. The levels were refined and reduced to necessary components
C. It had keyboard controls... somehow?

MrNannings responds:

I updated the game with keyboard controls, thanks for the feedback!.

really fun I like it!

Level 13 had me scratching my head for a bit..but got it.
Nice game.

Doesn't load, just a black screen with music.

The first 10 levels are good, but then after there are a lot of levels, which seem to add little at that point, because the player isnt learning new things. Then when I got to level 25 and found alittle challenge in the posibilities and enemies combined, I failed and was like: "Im done."

Please allow the player to drag from pentagon to pentagon, so that I dont develop RSI. or from one hexa to another when there is no other option than straight 'forward'.

MrNannings responds:

Thanks! I made an update, now has the option to hold the mouse button and just keep point over tiles to move maybe this will be better!