Reviews for "Hexa Path"

Gets hard at 25, but past that mission it's back to being simple.

MrNannings responds:

Yup it's easy, I don't want it to be frustrating but relaxing.

Neat little thing. Does about as well as it could with its premise.

Great Job! Unique and Fun! I like the idea of moving a blue hexagon around.

Wow, this is a pretty weird game. I admit to knowing nothing about going about Level 4. I'm able to get rid of one of the arrow guys. How do I get rid of both of them? I admit the concept is very high class. I really have no idea what to do here.

It's quite complicated. I would have to do more research. It just doesn't do quite that much for me. You don't see many puzzle games here. Glad to know we have variety.

Nice and simple. Music is calming, and the colors are pleasing. It's a good time spender.