Reviews for "Hexa Path"

The game field is not visible (interface buttons are fine). Linux Ubuntu 18.04 + Chrome.

Nice game and all.

Got stuck on Level 11 for a while, but otherwise the difficulty level with this one seems almost... too easy. Almost. Maybe just right, since I did thoroughly enjoy it, and it did take a couple of tries to figure out most of the levels in the latter half. As usual the game design is great, both graphics and mechanics smooth and easy, the level amount just right, the idea itself simple but creatively challenging. If there's anything to improve it might be that the difficulty curve seems a bit unsteady. Levels don't all get progressively more difficult, but rather jump around a bit; especially towards the end. One thing left to perfect, but overall: very enjoyable.


Easy concept, easy execution. Solid game. I personally prefer more balancing on the sounds, but they don't distract too much or for too long.

I love the music here a lot, whether it's the author's or some generated kind doesn't matter! The idea of having rivaling ships that don't make you lose the level but just switch the tiles' color is good. Like the double-step idea too, but, if there are going to be only double-step tiles (not triple with 2, etc.), you might use another sign for them. There's a little mess in the medal order, but that may be intended, so not sure if it needs anything done to it. Also, the sound of completing a level should really be milder. All in all, it's a nice game.