Reviews for "TD-Photo Finish"

this killed my boner :(

I gave you the highest score because I can definitely sympathize.


This actually brought a tear in my eye to how much I relate to this, 5 stars for hitting the nail on the head, the narration, the art, and the little bit of comedy.

I relate to this a lot because I'm a very quiet person and not much bothers me, I have the "I don't stress about anything" attitude, but I always find myself worrying about the direction my life is going once I sit on my bed at the end of a day. I feel like I'm wasting so much time, I dropped my full-time job down to a part timer to try and find myself but the days always end the same, worrying, anger for not pursuing anything, and guilt. I graduated from High School, now I just sit here and stress.

canada!! yeah