Reviews for "TD-Photo Finish"

you really gave me a huge deal of existential crisis for a sunday, but only because everything you said it was really real, cool video

I look forward to these every time you post.

How your feeling in this video really describes my current situation as well.

Graduated, worked hard for success along with your friends, but they were rewarded and you werent.
Asking yourself what you did wrong and what they did right.
But then you realize you did equally or more than them and the only reason they got in was because they either knew people or they were lucky.

And Feeling depressed all the time and looking for a reason to go on and asking yourself whats the point of it all.
(Or maybe thats just me).

The drawings, animation, and story-telling are great as always.

i don't even know if you're going to read this but i honestly hope you are slowely getting better. feeling lost is the worst feeling you can have and seeing your friends just doing everything and being happy is great but it sucks at the same time. going through that same shit and it is hard to bite through to be honest. i would love to give a solution but the only thing i can say if you ever want to talk don't be afraid to reach out.

life sucks and is beautiful at the same time and unfortunally this is what comes along although it would be great just to rip it out sometimes and to feel just happy but that's impossible. anyway i hope you're feeling better soon. and awesome job with the animation. you're doing awesome as always.

The good thing about being an artist is that you can convert your troubles into art and profit. Especially if your problems are are bad, health, alcoholism, procrastination, headache, drug abuse, problems in family and similar stuff that many people can identify with.

The bad thing about it all is that it kills your willingness to ever solve these problems. So many artists are addicts and their personal life is a wreck for that reason.

It's easy being an artist that normalizes common problems, harder to be an artist that lifts the viewer towards inspiration, victory over self and finding strength to solve ones problems. may that is what separates a common, mediocre artist from a good one.

Well this seems like... a prelude for disaster. The big crash? Physiological breakdown? Some rare disease? Not the usual boat of fun, but can definitely relate to the feeling. In a vague not-specifically-THAT-feeling kind of way. Hoping it'll all bridge out into something with the next episode...