Reviews for "TD-Photo Finish"

Relatable... more than i would like to... haha
Don't give up!
Maybe your today will work out and worth tomorrow...

Love your videos, always on the mark.

This is too relatable. For me, I passed college with flying colors as if it was too easy. Right now, I'm a doctorates graduate yet unemployed. It has been 3 years since graduation and it seems like no one wants to hire unless you also do another 4 years of unpaid internship. I'm 23 still under my parents house, without a vehicle, with an underpaid job ($30K yearly) and can't afford to move on. It is almost like being given a break doesn't exist. When will it be my turn to have a life of my own and out of poverty?

It's making me feel empty and useless and kinda freaked out because I'm 38 and still don't know what's next.

What happens next? Cause I'm right there.