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Reviews for "RoboRun"

That was some High Octane entertainment. Keep it up XD

lpart responds:

More on its way!

Hey, that was pretty cool! I mean, the animation needs polish, but it was fun! I really liked the concept, such mindless entertainment. Perfect for a strange action sequence.
The animation was cool in some things, like the designs of the robots and the details of the car, as well as some camera movements. However, the backgrounds look very flat and there's a ton of gray. The music was picked fairly perfectly and it got me pumped up. The action had some cool moments too, like the robot pushing the guy to avoid the missile, or the double close-quarters takeout. However, I think you should try and have the impacts be more satisfying. You know, show some circuits, don't just have every gunshot be a dull impact. This was a huge problem eith the rocket launcher guy etting shot. We don't see the bullet flying towards him, or the slow-mo of it passing through his head.
You also had me a bit disoriented because the robot put the guy on the ramp which lowered him, but then a few moments later the robot just walks up to the car, without jumping down or anything. Then later they drive through a lifted container. Because the floor is so grey and detail-less, the elevation wasn't even visible from that angle, so it just looked really weird.
There was also a big problem with sound. The music was too loud so the guy's shouting was near-unintelligible. Try to make sure every line that should be heard is heard next time.
Overall, this needs a lot of polish, but I'm totally willing to watch more from you.

lpart responds:

Thank you for your feedback! More polish is defiantly high on my priority list for the future