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Reviews for "the.real.sonic.the.hedgehog.the.movie.1080p.mp4"

Gotta go fast!
from this weird character...

How the hell did you get footage of the new Sonic movie?
On a real note, it's endearingly weird, and that's obviously what you intended it to be. It freaked me out a bit... great job!

why can i just hear "SANTIAGO!!!!"

"Pssst. Hey. Buddy. ...You want to go fast...?"

"r u scared"

Even though I know you designed this to purposely look kind of bad and awkward, the animations and body language are actually rather good. Almost rotoscoped in how he holds the phone and taps on it, like the movements a person actually makes. And somehow I think we all know that this isn't going to be even 1/10th as unsettling as the Hollywood film itself...

...oh God. What if they DO give him nipples?! Would they do that?

The overwhelming feeling of hopelessness crushes in on my mental state.