Reviews for "the.real.sonic.the.hedgehog.the.movie.1080p.mp4"

this is actually pretty freaky, some of the comedy and other things screwed with the horror feeling but some were just silly enough yet not amazing to the point where it was great. good freaky 3d animation.

"Pssst. Hey. Buddy. ...You want to go fast...?"

"r u scared"

Even though I know you designed this to purposely look kind of bad and awkward, the animations and body language are actually rather good. Almost rotoscoped in how he holds the phone and taps on it, like the movements a person actually makes. And somehow I think we all know that this isn't going to be even 1/10th as unsettling as the Hollywood film itself...

...oh God. What if they DO give him nipples?! Would they do that?

now this is the type of sonic video I can appreciate

me at 0:36: wtf did you just bring apon this cursed land

For someone who has "gotta go fast" this whole video moved at a snail's pace.