Reviews for "Julia Sitting on her 'Zook"


She looks like that chick from the e-surance comercial.


love your style! this one reminds me of mega man but not so far as to say you ripped off more or less adapted it. keep it up!


This is truly magnificent. Everyday I visit this page to see this awesome artwork and I just can't stop. The colors are bright and happy which brightens me along with the side of destruction which pleases me further. Please make more. (By far, this is the best art from Egoraptor yet, in my opinion)


I really like when people use gaudy colors in their art.

Probably because everyone likes to draw depressing scenes in heavy rainfall where the only colors are red, grey, and black.

I've always liked a more vibrant character, that's why all my SC4 characters are a combo of blue, magenta, green, yellow, etc.

Very nice

Egoraptor responds:

Thanks! I agree, I think that speedpainted concept art look that most modern fantasy or sci-fi productions have is really lacking in soul and character. Nothing beats those characters and designs that just pop right out at you!

Great colors

Fantastic really, just great. Keep up the good work.