Reviews for "Genocide Golf"

offensive i love it

First, I had a blast playing the game. It was exactly what I expected from the first hole to the last. I appreciate the morbid humor of playing golf with heads. I also appreciate the context that something this exaggeratedly f'ed up only makes a strange sort of sense in a place as dark as a concentration camp. I guess content is always going to be a person by person thing, but as this game is obviously not glorifying any acts I think it is kind of a shame for anyone to get into a snit about it.

That being said there are some things I would love to see improved. First and foremost you have a ton of medals for individual levels it would be great to have a level select screen so we could go back to play a specific level and try for the medal. Second when adjusting to the right if you over adjust it goes all the way left, but it doesn't loop the other direction. Kind of a pain, especially if you are going for a straight shot to the right. On large levels it would be nice to have a way to scroll the level so we would have an idea where we are shooting and what is in the way.. That is more of a convenience thing though. Though I do agree that sometimes it felt like it took forever for the heads to stop in some cases that made sense (like the ice). I can also say that although this slow roll did occasionally screw me it did also put me in the hole too. On those lines Ice shows up once that I noticed, using some of these mechanisms more would be great. Also the spinners/windmill type things seemed to be sticky the head never rolled like I would expect it would from them. Just saying.

I know golf = 18 holes, but I would love to see this concept expanded with some of the mechanisms used more maybe some other ones added (water hazards), other strange things animals, mines. If you want to keep the heads but change the setting you could make golf with 'headhunters' , it keeps the morbid humor and proper context. I do want to be clear though, I think satire is fine and people should not change what they want to do simply to skirt controversy.

u sir... are a sadistic fucker... & i LOV ur work... keep it up

I wouldn't be surprised if Hitler actually did this

A lot of fun! The challenge level is high enough that it isn't a walk in the park and the quest for holes in one are a nice extra challenge.