Reviews for "Genocide Golf"

I understand why the disclaimer, but this game is just offensive. It reminds me of when that game Active shooter was being shown. It should just not even be a thought. That is why I am rating it so low.

Aside from being aggressively tasteless controversy bait... the game really isn't particularly good. There's too many waiting periods, the power meter goes far higher than you'll ever need, it's kinda glitchy, level design is generic, etc.

i love it, but you no made no mention of wether they were jews , russets, , or poles.

Looks like a well-made game, although I think the wait for the head to come to a complete stop, so you can stroke it again, is too long. I think you should just stop it programmatically as soon as its speed decreases under a certain value at which it basically doesn't move anymore.

But more importantly, the game currently freezes when I finish the first level. Judging by the browser console errors, it seems you're not unlocking the medals correctly. Please take a look if you can reproduce the issue.
EDIT – All right, so after coming back to the game sometime later, this appears to be fixed or at least I can no longer experience the issue.

Oh my, been awhile since we had quite a controversial submission since...I dunno, was it 9/11 Simulator? This is definitely going to give social justice warriors (SJW) an ulcer.

Outside the Holocaust concept, the 8-bit golf was pretty good. Sometime it's a pain in the ass to readjust your aim if you over do it. But the physics are fine.