Reviews for "Genocide Golf"

Way to rekindle the old spirit of newgrounds. We should laugh at things we shouldn't laugh at every now and then. Or at least learn to.

Well, here we are. Revolting, yet morbidly enjoyable.

Reminds me of old newgrounds! Thanks, man, needed this!

Also, those saying how it's bad because it's "in bad taste" or "offensive and edgy": Get the fug off this site and go back to kongregate.

This just feels like edgy for the sake of being edgy. You could have created a golf game with "the depiction of 8bit gruesome imagery" without reference to the Holocaust. Saying that the game is bad taste humour isn't a get out. You chose to cause controversy, and not for a good cause. You're basically making fun of 6 million + deaths.

You could have used Hitler's head, after all, he did shoot himself, or better yet, as it's widely thought (and seemingly confirmed) he had only one testicle, you could have used that the missing one for the ball. Better yet, you could have had the hole as Joseph Goebbels mouth, having Hitler t-bag Goebbels.

As for the game itself, it's far from perfect. There's too much waiting, on some levels hitting R was the only option as the "ball" wouldn't stop moving. Some levels are also really poorly designed. You can't see where you're supposed to be going and some are just annoying rather than challenging.