Reviews for "Genocide Golf"

u sir... are a sadistic fucker... & i LOV ur work... keep it up

cant play

Great meme game, okay golf game.

What made you think this was a good idea? You might as well rename it "Hitler Fun Time Golfing with Jew heads at Auschwitz". You need to have your head checked.

I don't rate games often, unless I have something specific to say about them. I'm rating this one to offset the zero-star reviews from people with zero sense of humor and/or irony, because I genuinely enjoyed playing it. Only thing it's missing is a level select...and yes as others have mentioned sometimes the ball keeps moving a bit too long...

This game is not "celebrating" hitler in any way. It is satire, pure and simple. Humor is a valid method used by many to cope with traumatic events. And *SPOILER ALERT*: If you played it to the last hole you'd see the tables turn anyway...