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Reviews for "Melody (Week 1-4)"

Great so far, had me hooked and engaged throughout. I like how you can lock and unlock the other girls, but some sort of gauge would be good. Keep up the good work!

I really liked it, I kept playing it until I reached the end of this version in one row.

The only thing I would like to see is some value or progress meter with the others girls. In fact, I think it would be good to actually have different endings, such as by either choosing Melody (default one), or Rebecca, for example.

Of course, the Data for the character is not updated, but I must tell that such didn't matter to me now. It can be fixed later. However, the only problem I had was to convince myself that Melody was actually 18 years old, she looks younger in my opinion, which turns me down.

Keep up the great job.

Great so far. I could barely believe I was going through the story so slow. I love it thus far. Especially in week 3 after Mel is sick and Amy calls you from the "nudist" beach. Romance, comedy, and some nice views. The only thing I would suggest maybe have a button to remove the text if someone were, let's say, wanted a better view. No?

I'm actually surprised by how addictive this uhh.. "game" ? It's not like it has the best story or anything but it was told in an interesting way that got me hooked anyway. Though the conversation sometimes seems a bit unrealistic at some point, mostly its interesting.
And other than the good character art, the best part of this game so far is the "back" button that let you undo your choice and not penalize you for it. There is no need so reload the game on the choice you made few second ago when you can just go back and choose another one .
Too bad there is no sound / voice on this game so minus point for that.

This game is great. It's very well put together, and the models are attractive. The only disappointment is that I can't play more sooner. You've literally got me hooked.