Reviews for "Aurie"

vary chil-lascking

Beautiful music, calming game play, with some complex puzzle action always increasingly interesting through all 20 levels. Each level uses more and more concepts learned in the last levels without the feel of repetition.
Very nice game.

Doesn't seem to be working for me.

It was a pleasant play and never too slow. I did find that I enjoyed the puzzles a lot more when they didn't have cubes in them, since the cubes add a layer of punishment for user error by forcing the player to slowly move them back into a suitable position if they get run into a wall. That said, the jelly like design of the cubes was cute, and the ability to roll the cubes by running on top of them was a great way of negating some of the issues that they bring to the design.

Overall, you set my expectations well and were able to meet them.

Very nice game, was very relaxing to me, exactly what I needed!