Reviews for "Mini Switcher"

Pretty cool game, its nicely made and well animated, the game is a bit slow though but other then that its a fun small game.

Really liked how short it was, the animation and the colors and environments! really cool stuff

The game itself however, simple and fun as it may be feels very unresponsive and unnecessarily slow making it feel very slow.

Also the characters are very nicely animated are very bland. Wish they were a tad more interesting.

I really like the game overall though, keep up the good work my friend :^)

It reminded me of old-school Mini-Clip games. Good job.

good game just like VVVVVV

Not bad. This game was a fun little time waster. My only real complaint was the game was a bit short. It felt like there was a lot more room for more levels. But the simple mechanics make a very simple and an overall fun game. The music is also really catching and gets in your head. It's fairly easy to get the hang of, and it just requires timing and strategy to get done. I wouldn't mind seeing this game get expanded upon.