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Reviews for "Wesker, You're Pitiful"

Lol entertaining

Well this was pretty good and very entertaining the characters are really nice and some nifty details but most of all you made this very funny with some nice humor onlything I might ad onto this may be some subtitles but overall this was pretty entertaining.

Some subtitles would go great with this fun filled movie


Love the art style

Animation is great and the voice acting captures the "campyness" of residente evil

Also I really like the funny ending of the tyrant.

hope to see more from you <3

This video while lacking in the animation department is very powerful...How savagely Chris calls Whesker pitiful and gay. The empathy for Wesker because of all the hard work he did, just wanting his work to be appreciated. Chris certainly wasn't complaining when Tyrant carried him out of the mansion...and I am not complaining as I keep coming back to rewatch this video. :)

this is surprisingly pretty funny, really liked it

This is what I get for browsing around Newgrounds