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Reviews for "WURMZ Arcade"


So this was cool, I almost feel like you could ad a more glow effect comming off of the games maybe even more sparkle, but the design itself was pretty nifty and you have some good design here with some nice use of color too, very nice work indeed, I look forward to more of this style.

Some added sparkles and even possbly more glow if your inclined to do so.


Ruedefaux responds:

thanks a lot for the feedback :D

Cozy retro vibes. I dig.

Ruedefaux responds:

Thank you very much~

nice retro vibes

Ruedefaux responds:

Thanks a lot~

Ilumniati cofirmed

Just keep it together man!You can do it!Just focus!

Ruedefaux responds:

Hahaha XD we can assume he probably didnt win