Reviews for "Undyne Kitchen Lesson"

Undyne always is some rough in everything, don't expect she will be soft at sex. She is wild, a sex beast, and for your own good i hope you like the fish flavor.

this is great because the choking and the agressive fucking really shows how she would have sex. this reflects greatly on undyne's personality and to that i say great job 5/5 stars

and this is why alphys got a genocide minigame later . . . poor yelow lizard :p

OH god, I like this alot.... fuck fuck fuck.. mmmm. I love Undyne. Your animation is pretty damn good. I fucking love the idea of choking her neck, I love the boob motion too, and being fucked by her lying down. so good dude. Please Please make more of her, maybe anal next time! I think her pussy and asshole need some change in render, or what i mean is, just modeled more smoothly? other than that its hot as fuck, the foot job too omg...

Also I really liked the music, It would be nice in future animation to have music like that.
Dono if u take commisons, if ya do id pay for more sexy Undyne ;3

Best kitchen lesson ever