Reviews for "Apex cucks Fortnite"

Strange one

Well this was a strange one but the art and animation was actually nice very short animation but still pretty entertaining this was a nice film and I got a good chuckle out of this just wish it was longer anyways nice job and hope you can make more sometime

nice work no major changes really needed it was funny


Put him down finaly!

oh noes

so-- fortnite does the fortnite dance (which is notoriously just super duper hilarious -_-) and apex is inside getting anal or something? (which could actually be kind of funny in another context) then fortnite gets 1 tapped by a ----gamer??? ...there's some incredible stuff on this website but the success of this one completely confuses me
maybe its just sensationalism but wow there would need to be some pretty potent sensationalism to get this video to here from where i think it deserves to be

(hasn't touched either game so maybe i'm missing something but as a joke this just doesn't make any sense to me zero cucking takes place)

not usually this mean but i felt like you deserved a sober opinion this is the least interesting thing i can recall seeing this website (granted i only really watch whatever makes the front page)

loved it, funny :)