Reviews for "Apex cucks Fortnite"

RIP Fortnite- As much as I love the game though I can't deny that this is hilarious- the way it starts flossing faster with tears in it's eyes is gold

Ah yes, because making a game in the same genre as another is apparently copying nowadays. That means Doom 2016 is a copy of COD, GTA 5 is a copy of Saints Row the Third and Mario Odyssey is a copy of Sonic Boom. Nice logic, 'pewdiepie'.

VVV guy below me that said apex copied fortnite they did not copy it they got ideas from it plus player unknown battle grounds was before fortnite. other battle royals were out before fortnite like H1z1 all the way to even minecraft hunger games they just used the popular battle royal style that people like.

Apex is like a copy of fortnite i hate apex so badly fortnite was the best and now apex is on their way PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS HASHTAG PLEASE END EPEX AND BRING BACK FORTNITE

and somehow csgo is still going live... for now