Reviews for "Super Space Jump Man"

i love everything about it, especially how it looks!

I could not play this game. I have to admit that my computer is old, very old. But beside that, I still can play Halo with most settings at max with 60fps easily. This game was running, at best 2fps from the title screen (background moving sooo slow) and of course on the levels. You could be thinking that I should get a better computer but I think that a 2d, black and white game, that use just one button, and runs at 2fps in a PC that runs Halo without problems is a bad programmed game.

This is a clever game! The music fit well, and reminded me of another game on Newgrounds. "Planets Gone Rogue." Your gravity mechanic is interesting. The only flaw I found in it was that if you were completely out of any gravity well, you fall to the bottom of the screen. This runs contrary to how gravity works. Other than that, impressive game! It's difficult, and I plan to return to it to complete further levels. But, I think that's one of the marks of a well designed game. If it gets too difficult to finish in one session, the player wants to return to it, to get better and plow through. We're here to have fun after all, if a game is worth planning to come back to later, obviously that has been achieved. Also, the medals stopped unlocking at level 14.

Nice game.

Very fun and creative idea! I especially love it because of the relaxing element, soothing music and color palette makes this a great brain-break at work if you need to unwind for a few minutes.