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Reviews for "Amphibia"

Some spiders do keep frogs as "pets". The spider protects the frog from other predators, the frog eats the insects that would attack the spider's eggs.

mrjoeyprosser responds:

This is exactly what inspired me to make this. I remember seeing an article that talked about it, and there at the top was a photo of a huge spider and tiny green frog. Nature is crazy.

love it xd

Wow... I... didn't expect to feel so many emotions

This animation was a lot of fun and the characters are super charming
The ending was ominous as all hell, but it didn't fail to make me laugh

Keep up the great work, homie

mrjoeyprosser responds:

Thank you homie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Wow! Cool Stuff Man! Worthy of Faves! Keep it up!