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Reviews for "Amphibia"

You are messed up in the head! awesome movie!

mrjoeyprosser responds:

:D :* ;) thanks! I do what I can to make people uncomfortable. I fucking love your cartoons. I've been binge watching them. Excellent friggin stuff!

A nice toon

So this was a nice toon you have here this was pretty good here the characters are amazing the voices are great and you made this really funny too maybe adding some subtitles would be nice you have some nice animation here and hope you make more like this.

maybe adding some subtitles would be nice


I didn't mind spiders before but now I DEFINITELY don't mind spiders! :D It's a new world out there. A world of love and unity between all, amphibian and insect alike.


What ant and spider behemoth

mrjoeyprosser responds:


I really felt bad for the spider, he just wanted to have a friend.