Reviews for "Good Night, Everybuds!"

One thing I know about sex.. it's not fun for me at all..

porn addiction is the cause...

i cant understand casual sex at all, just seems so vanilia, i mean, how can you cum from sex? like... it would have to extremely kinky... masturbation ruins the whole thing if you have jerked off to much in the past. I love porn but ironically, one night stands gross me out.

I feel angry now, need to keep my distance from ropes and trees for a while... oh sorry, great animation btw, the symbolic nature of it was really amazing! The style was really cool.

That was all kinds of Hawt!!!!!!!!!!!

Great work! I'ts original and smoth.

To put it in three words

Weird and beautiful

Great original work, I like the animation which sort of reminded me of a few adventure time episodes(when they have guest artists).