Reviews for "Good Night, Everybuds!"

Throughout the animation, there's this overwhelming sense of tranquility, almost like you were being hugged. It was so sweet, light-hearted, and silly, and positive indeed!

This was so very much wonderful, I have missed watching animations, and playing the games, makes me want to go back play those again. This is a real treat! Have always loved the art style, it's quite beautiful and whimsical.

Will be checking out that webcomic!

Probably the best NG cartoon I have seen so far. Such beautiful yet subtle as well a highly expressive character animations. Beautiful colors, great sense of perspective, and it's nice to see an animated short on the internet about sex that tries to be less and edgy and vulgar and more passionate and loving. Either way great stuff.

I love this film - it's so cuddly!

This was very calming to watch and listen to. The animation was very nice and just wonderful to look at.

such a cool movie :)