Reviews for "Good Night, Everybuds!"

Throughout the animation, there's this overwhelming sense of tranquility, almost like you were being hugged. It was so sweet, light-hearted, and silly, and positive indeed!

This was so very much wonderful, I have missed watching animations, and playing the games, makes me want to go back play those again. This is a real treat! Have always loved the art style, it's quite beautiful and whimsical.

Will be checking out that webcomic!

That was dope dude I love ever bit it was tripy and like so mata a little but I love it it was supper good the music was amazing the narration was so good 😄😄😁😁

Soooo cute

This was one of my favorite animations I've seen in years. Theres so many things to congratulate you on but it's entirety is amazing. Great fucking Work! :))

love it