Reviews for "Good Night, Everybuds!"

So tranquil yet intense. It reminded me of a mushroom trip in a lot of ways, with a significant other. Sometimes just love itself can be a trippy experience, but this seemed like there was more there in the way of recreation. This was such a wild and wonderful ride. This is what makes newgrounds great. stuff like this.

What kind of mating ritual is this shit?

i love this. Love isn't just sex all the time, but enjoying the company of each other and exploring one another.

This is so GREAT! So so creative. Love it

Been a while since I've seen anything that portrays such a sense of unyielding calm, even when things got frisky. I'm autistic, so being touched or overstimulated can cause major discomfort, but sometimes physical contact rolls back over into feeling wonderful. I really connected with the couple constantly finding new ways to feel each other, and were completely calm no matter how weird it got. I totally get loving something so much you just want to get even closer than physically possible.