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Reviews for "Dorby Underwater Escape"

Got a normal score first then really pushed it to the limit several more times until I did it as fast as I think I could possibly click.

Go past the Easter Island head for the clam. Click the weeds and get the bottle full of water. Go to the end with the mermaid and take the pink flower. Give the pink flower to the crab and get the first pearl. Put the bottle over the bubbles to get air. Scare the fish away with the bubbles to go inside the Easter Island head.

Get the bone. Get the rusty bar right next to the head. Use the rusty bar to remove the wood. Get the key under the basket. Put the bone with the other one on the wall.

Not good

Not good...

Great game, it was hard for me for some reason, I didnt see the bar to get to the ship and that was what I wa missing, but I found it after a while, keep up the good work.