Reviews for "The Yoshi Torture Tape"

very nostalgic

I find this extremely charming. There's a very nostalgic and familiar feeling to this. Reminds me of the good ol newgrounds days. Also its impressive that this was done with Mario Paint. I'm glad you decided to upload it as the backstory is pretty interesting.

Not bad considering it was only made with Mario Paint

this makes me feel somewhat restless, not only the "animation" the music makes me feel like that too... but i will give you credits for... Uh... the digitalization?

There's something so profoundly creative in this, I watched the whole thing, and I stopped myself a couple times to ask myself why. There's a potato chip effect with this, even though it's just yoshi genocide torture porn I kept watching to see what would come up with the next one. Something about it being made in Mario Paint and recorded on a VHS makes this feel like a real relic, fucking Hell, this series of animations is literally older than I am. I find it's very unique overall.