Reviews for "The Yoshi Torture Tape"

this is great. please make a tutorial on how to use mario paitn so efficiently

Would be five stars, but why sad end?

This work you've done: I wouldn't compare if could its uniqueness to anything else.
Be it plain, or silly, or just too repetitive, I would still want a copy of this in my library, and maybe keep it next to my Troma Film collection.

Mario reveals himself as avatar of those frustrated players unable to master Yoshi's manoeuvrability and to move forward:
The viewers get propelled backwards to their childhood gaming moments of agonising anxiety and shame. And since nothing much could be done about it, one could exorcise the bad experience in their fantasy with a systematic variety of painful deaths inflicted upon the dino beast.
-A literally butt-hurt plumber goes psycho for all the wrong reasons!
-Dino-bashing disregard and female characters' cruelty towards beasts!
-The rough quality adds to the positive score; and as you said, almost everything in mario paint! unique
Some of the sketches were a bit plain, but I personally enjoyed numbers 2, 25, and 29. videos 6 and 28 would have been more disturbing if yoshis were to be digested and pooped.
number 30 was just more hatred-wise intense and dramatic than anything else, and made up for a good scene.
I salute you, mazeguy. Only a few weirdos might appreciate what you guys did, but still, having this video enriches the trash-themed animation heritage of the internet.

This takes me back to the good old days of newgrounds, when it was all bad stuff with a tremendous amount of heart poured into it.

y doe