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Reviews for "Roundabout 2"

Around 23, i literally could not see it at all and was just hitting the space bar in a rhythm hoping it was right. But really like the concept and it definitely gets intense/exciting. Just want to be able to actually see the cursor lol



Very fun, the game caught my attention when i saw the name. good job! love the music

Definitely not easy on the eyes, but for certain one of the trippiest games I've played on Newgrounds.

Best advice I can give to those playing is this is a rhythm game, so make sure you got your headphones or speakers on while playing if you expect to get those medals.

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you! Yes, the "cursor" moves at a rate depending on the bpm, so it lines up with the rhythm of the song... at least that's the idea, it doesn't perfectly match in all parts :).