Reviews for "Roundabout 2"

Trippy af, the rotation only makes it harder


I really enjoyed my time with this game, it was a fun little diversion for a while, it looks really nice, it sounds even better, and I liked how I had to divert my attention from one arrow to another to progress optimally, which kept things interesting. However, I do have a criticism, which comes not from problems in the game, but stuff I feel you could add to make the game better. Easily, the thing I want most is different kinds of shapes in the same level. Imagine if instead of you just switching from one arrow to another for practical purposes, you had two or three or more arrows, each in different shapes, so you would have to pay attention to all of them. It would add depth to the game beyond switching from one arrow to the next. Obviously, to do this concessions would have to be made. All the important shapes would have to be clearly visible, and the smaller ones would have to sync exactly with a bigger one, but it would really change the way the game was played. It would raise the skill ceiling, allow you to create an increased amount of scenarios to throw at the player, and generally make the player engage with the game a lot more. I´m not saying you should do away with levels that focus on a single shape, however. It would just be a really cool thing to add.

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism! I agree that having multiple shapes(in one level) is a great idea... Syncing them up would be pretty tricky, and pretty much impossible with the way the game currently works internally(There's only one "master" shape and all the other ones are just copied from it)... But if I do revisit the idea again at a later date it is something to think about.

>goes backwards on roundabout
>score reads -1

It's okay until it lags and then crash