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Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 3"

Good as always!

I can't wait for more games!!!

Poor Martin. Will he ever return?

Absolutely superb
Not only the game itself, the soundtrack was fuckin' amazing
Grade A job as always

WARNING: If you have not played the game, play it. There are spoilers ahead in this comment. Done yet? Good! Now you may read. Not done but want to read it anyways? Go ahead if you don't care about having the game spoiled. You have been warned. Also this was edited in. Just a little fun fact.

Fucking amazing. The graphics are great! I absolutely LOVE Grim Reaper's design! It sucks that Martin was killed in the very beginning. I also like how Botis looks after you hit him with each weapon. It also sucks that Fubar was killed. But serves him right! Tryna fuckin steal the scythe! Anyways, just as good as always RunningZombie. Can't wait for part 4!