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Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 3"

I love these games. This series is awesome. Great art and an interesting cast of characters. I'm glad there's a set-up for another installment! Getting all the medals was a bit easier this time, but for some reason I got stumped on "The Story So Far" despite the solution being so obvious. Thought it was an in-game secret interaction like the others so I was re-playing this for almost no reason, besides getting to try out different dialogue.

Wish there was a way to pause the music or the game altogether.

Whew, that was one drug trip of a game.

you have no idea clicked on this so fast wen i saw it on the homepage

it was a good history, a bit lineal but it do the job, I really want to see the part 4, but I suggest, more options than just talk and leave,some kind of puzzles to get items, wrong paths to confuse the player, Useless items to confuse the player.
keep with the GREAT job!