Reviews for "Esluna: The First Monolith Trailer"

Wow, looks absolutely cool and totally promising

is this going to be a movie!!!??

CloudrisePictures responds:

I actually uploaded the entire thing to YouTube! You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/rPp-vDCKyGM

Man this looks and sounds really Awesome!

A gargantuan, and beautifully green, imaginative world, full with monuments of old and modern tech alike... the style reminds me of Avatar, and some of the imagery of Mortal Engins, main character a bit like that one Disney princess... both sound design and animation's on point, and the script intriguing too. Fast-paced and ferocious all the way though too so not a dull moment here... hopefully the movie has some breathing room, but this was perfect for a trailer. Can't wait to see this!


The first part reminded me of Made in Abyss, then I thought it had a touch of Avatar with a few other elements. Nice trailer, I can't wait to see the full movie!